132: Using Your Words to Tell Your Story!

Stop pretending to be someone you're not.

In the world of social media, we all believe and feel we have a voice that should be heard. But with all the noise and screaming how do you stand out from the crowd?

In today’s episode, I want to talk about social media and using our platform to inspire, educate, encourage, and entertain. Our readers don’t want fluff, they desire authenticity. They want the real you. Our interactions on social media will either make or break us.

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Timely Resources Every Writer Needs!

Get the tools you need to succeed!

Writing is as much art as it is finding the right resources to get the job accomplished. I know many writers who struggle with just that–resources.

When I started my journey of writing, I had no clue what I was doing. In fact, I felt like a fraud and worse, I felt alone. Without a clue where to look, I nearly gave up, threw in the towel, and said, ‘I quit.’

124: How to face failure and start moving forward.

Learning to jump life's hurdles.

We all fail. Some fail largely while others fail on a small scale. But failure is something we all face and the question remains, how do we move forward?

In today’s episode, we’re looking at how we can pick up the pieces and live the life we want. Failure is a short-term hurdle and how we choose to jump those hurdles determines our success.

119: The Five Excuses People Make To Not Write.

Putting pen to paper to pursue your dreams.

Millions of people desire to write their book, start their blog, or write for a magazine. Most people don’t know what to write, or simply make excuses for not getting the job done.

119: The Five Excuses People Make To Not Write.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about the excuses writers make to not put pen to paper and let the words flow. We’re going to answer these common frustrations and help you get on the road to writing the book or starting a blog of your dreams.

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How to love others and eradicate hate.

3 aspects to God's love.

There is a growing desire in the hearts and minds of those around us to know and want to feel love. Not the love that we just throw around, but a knowing that everything is ok and a love that permeates our entire being. Love is the only way to eradicate hate and bring hope to someone’s life.

How to love others to eradicate hate.

People all around are looking for a God who is not full of wrath, but love. Yet many times, we take a look at some people and write them off, as if they’re hopeless. However, we are commanded to love those around us and we are to show them that true love comes only from God and God alone.

3 Ways to Kill off Writer’s Block and Writing Distractions for Good.

Booting your life in safe-mode and using your environment to write.

We all experience moments where your brain shuts down and you can’t write another word. Some call it writer’s block, others call it laziness.


What happens when you sit down, see that cursor, and want to shut down and reboot your brain in safe-mode? Writer’s block happens to everyone. It creeps in when you’re least expecting it and you find you’re at a total loss, wishing you could write just one more paragraph without pulling out your hair.

Top 10 Powerful Rules You Need to Write Your Book.

Take your writing to the next level one word at a time.

If you’ve ever sat down to write a book, you know the thought and effort that goes into writing. It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to not get side tracked. And then there are all those rules!

10 rules of writing books

We all know about the rules of writing. You’ve read blog post after blog post, book after book, and it all can become clouded and confusing. I’ve done the work for you. Now you don’t have to read anything else other than this post.

3 Reasons to stop working when you’re sick.

Knowing when it's okay to take a break.

We all get sick. It’s nothing we can avoid and it’s something we all have to deal with at some point. The question is, when?

The past week has been tough on our family. Over a week ago I started that, “Oh dear, I don’t feel very good” thought process. Within a day, I had the worst sore throat I’ve had in years. One of those, I can’t swallow because someone is taking a saw to my neck, sore throats.

5 Reasons Reading Will Give You Success.

Why all Successful Leaders are Lifelong Readers.

This post was originally posted on 02/24/2016 as Podcast episode #45. You can listen to the episode here.

One of my favorite Childhood shows was Reading Rainbow with LaVar Burton “Take a look, it’s in a book, it’s reading rainbow…” Successful writers and leaders are readers. REading is the one thing that will catapult you to success. He even has a new podcast called, LaVar Burton Reads.

why readers are leaders

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs and writers are avid readers. Statistics show the more you read, the more money you’ll earn. But, the more we read in our areas of influence and those self-help books, the better chance we have of being successful.

106: Learning to be a communicator of Truth.

3 ways to stay on target with your message.

As writers, we have the obligation to communicate in a way that people will understand. We are always seeking out what truth is and how can we communicate that truth.

Episode 106 Learning to be a communicator of Truth.

When you put pen to paper, are you asking yourself the question what is it I’m trying to say? Do you know the message that God has put on your heart?

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