Beautiful Death: A Poem

I came across a poem I wrote about four years ago as I was thinking about how wonderful God’s Amazing Grace is. We are saved, not by who we are or what we’ve done, we are saved because a God who so desperately loved this world that He gave His one and only Son. It is in this act of humility that we have life and life abundantly full of joy.

As you read this, remember it isn’t what life holds or gives us that should matter, what matters is the Love that was so deliberately poured out upon a cruel cross, so that we may have that life flowing in and through us.

This was written out of a deep wondering of how beautiful God’s death on a cross really was.


J. B. Sisam

A dark brooding wisp of wind
Flutters past like leaves of history’s time.
The world revolves around my eye.
Can I see, can I feel, can I know?

The sight of beautiful death, behold!
Like a heavenly star shredding off its light
His hand cradles my weary soul
Can I see, can I feel, can I know?

This wood so plain, it screams of death!
As King He gazes in my dark abyss
With droplets of blood, His arms outstretched
Can I see, can I feel, can I know?

His love so grand, His love so wide
I sit and wonder why He should die.
For love endures, it never fails
Can I see, can I feel, can I know?

Blood crimson stained upon my heart
He guides my feet on golden heaven’s street
My life abreast within His wing
Can I see, can I feel, can I know?

© 2010 | All Rights Reserved
J. B. Sisam & J. B. Sisam Minsitries

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