083: Is Your Website Guest Friendly?

Where do I go from here?

Having a website is a wonderful thing, but the problem a lot of first-time guests have, they don’t enjoy the experience. In today’s episode, I tackle this idea that guests come first and that we should be giving them a quality user experience.

When we take the time to care how a guest feels on our website, we’ll make fast friends and they’ll want to come around again and again. I’ve seen so many websites where I simply click away because of a bad about page or lack of a contact page. If we want to take things to the next level, we must put that user experience first.

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In today’s episode:

  • What is it first-time guests to your website look for?
    • As a pastor, I look for guest experience.
    • Guest look for easy navigation.
    • Guests look for a well thought out about page.
      • Get your proposition statement together…
      • I AM ___________
      • I HELP ____________
      • TO DO/SAY _________
      • SO THAT ______________.
      • You can find mine on my ABOUT page at the top.
    • Guests look for an easy contact page.
    • Guests want a quality user experience.
  • Where have I been, and where am I headed in 2017?
    • Where have I been?
      • This past year was all about taking my goals to the next level.
      • I accomplished some and failed at others.
    • Where am I headed this year?
      • Have all the pieces in place to finally record and produce the content for my online Small Group course for Grace: What’s So Amazing About It?
      • In the beginning stages of planning out my self-publishing course.
      • Re-write my Ready, Set, Publish ebook.
      • Begin an online Facebook coaching group on writing and publishing a book.

Let’s talk about it?

Question: What frustrates you when you visit a website? What can you change about yours? Leave a comment by clicking here!


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