082: Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?


It’s soon to be Christmas Morning! The gifts are ready to be opened. The turkey is thawing. Despite all of the festivities, don’t forget the reason we celebrate this season.

As you’re getting ready for company and singing your favorite Christmas songs, let’s not forget we celebrate because of Jesus Christ and him crucified. He came to earth over 2,000 years ago to give us life. Like we set out milk and cookies for Santa Clause, we need to prepare for Jesus’ arrival in our hearts and minds.

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In Today’s Episode:

  • Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
  • 4 reasons we celebrate Christmas
  • The reading of the Christmas Story in Luke 2
  • Fun-filled episode with holiday spirit!
  • No more episodes until 2017.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! I want to give you a very special Merry Christmas from my family to yours. I pray that as you celebrate you’ll find the joy that Christ has to offer. And may your home be filled with the love of God this Christmas year.

Resources in today’s Episode:

  • [The Gifts of Christmas Sermon series by Pastor Dale Sisam](http://eplife.org/messages)

Let’s talk about it:

Question: What Christmas traditions do you have as a family? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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My goal each week is to bring a message of clarity by giving you the tools you need so you can transform lives and reach the world with the message on your heart.

Next week, we’ll continue on in our ABC’s of blogging. Also, next week will be our last episode until the new year. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. I’ll see you next week.


I have made the decision that every year, I’m taking a vacation from Christmas through New Years. It’s a time where I can do nothing. We’ll be staying at home, doing nothing, enjoying family and planning for 2017.

You will find my next blog post on January 2 and the next episode of the J. B. Sisam Show will be on January 4.

Have a very Merry Christmas, from my family to yours!





Jason Sisam

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