081: Take Your Goals to the Next Level With this 10 Minute Technique.

3 Benefits of why we write.

When you think of the new year, what do you normally think? New years resolutions. We all try them, but when the rubber meets the road, we find ourselves giving up after a couple weeks.

In today’s episode, I want to unpack what it takes to write down our goals and how to see them come to fruition. I’m going to give you the exact template I use to write down my yearly goals and how I work to accomplish them by years end.

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In Today’s Episode:

What is the point if it all? Why do we write?

  • We write to encourage others to see beyond themselves
    • The world is full of hopelessness and people are looking for something outside of themselves.
    • This is why we write – to help encourage others to live better lives and see life through a new lens.
  • We write to enrich lives
    • Life is full of disappointments.
    • We try and set our new year resolutions, but find we fail at them two weeks from the initial onset.
    • Through our writing, we have the ability to help enhance someone’s life by improving the value they see in themselves
  • We write to empower
    • People feel powerless to control their lives.
    • People are looking for something to give them hope.
    • Through our writing, we can give people the power to see beyond themselves and begin looking forward into the future.
    • Empowering people is to help them see they can have authority over their lives and it’s outcome.

The importance of writing down our 2017 goals.

  • Written Goals give us power to see what our future looks like.
  • When we write our goals they give us a path to follow.
  • How do we write down our goals.
    • Use a note taking application.
    • I use Evernote.
    • Create a template.
      • Key motivations – what are they? – “Why is this goal important to you? Write 3-5 key motivations, one motivation per bullet.
      • Next actions – “What is the next action? What specific action do you need to take to move yourself closer to achieving this goal? Don’t get bogged down in excessive planning. You don’t have to see the entire path. Identifying the next action is sufficient. When you complete that, write another.
      • Progress Report – “How are you doing? Track your progress here, by indicating the date and then a key measurement, milestone, or random note.
      • Random notes – “What are you noticing and want to remember? Use this section as you would a journal.
    • Refer to your written goals weekly.
      • This keeps you accountable.
      • This allows you to remain focused.
      • This gives you permission to adjust if needed.

ABC’s of Blogging

  • I forgot last week. Oops!
  • This week we’re on the C’s of blogging.
    • Community. This is the place your audience connects with you.
    • Canva.com. Canva is one of the greatest blogging tools I’ve used.
    • Categories – This is how you organize your blog posts.
    • Content. – this is what you create to put on your blog. A blog isn’t a blog without high-quality content.
    • Collaborate. – Some blogs are collaborations, where several writers work on a single blog together. Huffington Post is a prime example.

Let’s talk about it:

Question: How do you plan on keeping track of your 2017 goals? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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Next week, we’ll continue on in our ABC’s of blogging. Also, next week will be our last episode until the new year. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. I’ll see you next week.


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