049: Why Your Voice Matters. [Podcast]

5 Reasons I blog at jbsisam.com

I believe everyone has a voice. There’s something we all have on our heart that needs to be shared. But what happens when obstacles get in the way? Is it because we’re our own worst enemy, or is it something outside of ourselves that keep holding us back?

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In today’s episode I want to walk you through my personal journey of blogging in how I hope it’s making a difference in the lives of my readers and listeners. I also have a new app I’ve been trying out that I want to share with you. All of this and more in this week’s episode.

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In Today’s Episode:

  • How do we handle stress?
  • What happens when we take a chance?
  • What does it mean to put your money where your mouth is?
  • Why should my voice be heard?
  • What’s next for jbsisam.com?

Resources in today’s episode:

Question: What are you willing to do to get your voice heard? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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